Present truck

I inherently like UPS trucks. (I said *trucks* not *drivers* — it’s not a “uniform thing,” I promise!). When I tried to figure out *why* I have such a fondness for UPS trucks, I realized that it’s because they always bring presents!

I’m serious! “Brown” always brings presents. USPS sometimes brings presents, but they also bring bills and junk mail, which lessens my warm fuzzies for the USPS. FedEx sometimes brings presents, but they also bring important-papers-to-sign-immediately-which-aren’t-necessarily-good-news (like tax documents or subpoenas).

Brown, OTOH, always brings presents… things I ordered, things I want, things-I-was-looking-forward-to-getting.

Yah Brown!

6 thoughts on “Present truck

  1. What did you get?
    I’m waiting for UPS to visit me too. They should tomorrow, bringing a box full of clothes from Lands’ End. I’m awaiting yarn from USPS, and more from ?? (sent from Canada, been waiting over a week, have no idea how it’s being shipped!). Awaiting books from USPS also.


    • Re: erm
      knitting labels from (embarassment) Miles Kimball
      Ha, I just ordered some of those today myself! And even then posted it on !
      Maybe I’m channeling you? Which would be a great thing, given your creative talents! :)
      So, fess up, what music?


  2. Yah Brown!
    “We are ever true to Brown,
    for we love our college, dear.
    And wherever we may go,
    we are ready with a cheer.
    And the people always say
    that you can’t outdo Brown men (and women!)
    With a rah-rah-rah! and a ki-yi-yi!
    And a B-R-O-W-N!”
    Oh wait a minute, *different* Brown. Never mind. :-)
    Phil ’89


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