Salad forks

Am I the only person who consistently prefers “baby forks” (aka salad forks) and “baby spoons” (teaspoons) to dinner forks and soup spoons?  Given a choice, I’ll always use the smaller implement… why would I want to use a fork that stabs me ’cause the tines or too long, or a spoon that holds more liquid than I can gracefully eat?

(Obvioulsy, in fancy-pants situations I use the appropriate cutlery but at home, on my own I’m all about the tiny flatware.)

8 thoughts on “Salad forks

  1. mother forking upbringing
    When I was a kid, I suspect that my (small) mom and I both used the smaller utensils, while my dad probably used the full-size.
    I realized that I was doing something “odd” when Brian Morin was having breakfast at my house one day when we were in our twenties. I gave him a teaspoon for his cereal and he said, “Uh… I’m gonna need something bigger, man.”
    Ever since, I’ve been using the big stuff.
    Phil (


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