Blog steam

I usually run out of blog steam on Friday. Too pooped to post.

Tonight, the Cherish the Ladies* show with Jacintha at Stewart Theater — should be marvelous. Tomorrow: uber-indulgent spa day incl. glycolic peel (!). A fresher-faced Gina to emerge. Then dinner in Raleigh — I’m voting for Melting Pot, though Shabu-Shabu** is close. Sunday over to Tim & Kim’s house to help them pack for move to new house.

* When I was in Ireland the first time (1998) with Meghan, I fell in love with a song called Inisheer that Pader, the flautist in the local pubs in Doolin, played. When I came home I had to had to find a copy of the song (which is beautiful, haunting and sort-of mournful). Enter Cherish the Ladies, who had recorded a wonderful version of it. I still miss Pader, though. (Probably not surprising that Pader looked a little like Kevin Spacey….mmmmmm.)

** I’ve always said “SHA-bu SHA-bu” but the other day I heard a radio ad where they pronounced it “sha-BA sha-BU”. Perhaps Melting Pot will be easier. ;-)

4 thoughts on “Blog steam

  1. *hee* if it were ME, I’d call and see how they answer the phone ;) Debs never want to get names wrong, eh?
    Thanks for the sweet thoughts about Tasha…much appreciated.


  2. I believe it’s pronounced mel TING pot
    I don’t know what kind of box packer Gina is, but I can vouch that she’s a heck of a box *mover*. Some years ago we helped friends move into a third-floor apartment. Gina toted twice as many book boxes as I, and still had energy left over. I’m just glad she didn’t mock me.


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