Plant killer

I’ve been having a spate of bad luck recently with plants. Seems I’d water them, then turn around and the next day they’d be all wilty-dry. This confused me much, as it seemed odd they could be so thirsty in the wintertime… why winter? Summertime is thirstytime! (Sounds like an ad slogan, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, Jeff pointed out to me last night (as I was complaining about a primrose that went wilty overnight) that winter is the time that my hands get dry and my lips get chapped and I go through copious quantities of lotion, and wasn’t that, in fact, dryness, and why wouldn’t my poor little plants get dry too?

Well, duh. Obvious now that I think about it. :-/

(Primrose has recovered nicely, BTW.)

You have thoughts too?

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