I just remembered a funny thing I learned at my Grumps’ 90th birthday party

My Grumps’ 90th birthday was back in November and Jeff & I went to Charlotte for the party. I, of course, took along plenty of knitting for the car ride, so when talk after lunch turned to crafty bits I ran out to the car to get my yarn and WIPs.

Mom explained that both she and my aunt learned to knit when mom was in high school, in order to make the Norweigan-style intarsia sweaters that were popular at time. After high school I think she took up other crafts (decorating blown-out eggs with tiny beads and velvet ribbon, for example — those were *gorgeous*), and knitting slipped by the wayside.

Apparently before I was born my mom decided that now that she had a wee one on the way she wanted to knit me things (a baby blanket was the target project, I imagine). The only problem was that she’d forgotten how to knit.

So my (ever-inventive) Dad found some instructions on how to knit, taught himself to knit from those, and then re-taught my mother!

Yah Dad! (I haven’t checked with him to see if he still remembers how, but knowing how good he is at geo-spatial things, he probably can.)

2 thoughts on “I just remembered a funny thing I learned at my Grumps’ 90th birthday party

  1. My ma taught herself how to knit & crochet but it didn’t last very long. I found her stuff in my grandma’s attic and then taught myself how to do it. It took quite a few books before I figured it out. For some reason, the sticking point was getting past the first row.


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