Hats of goodness (all made with Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, which comes in some lovely colors and is machien washable [truly important for baby stuff] and a sorta-version of this pattern.**)




My friend Jacintha has bought this one for her neice, Isabelle, who is in Spain, for Christmas.






MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis one is for Jeff’s friend Carolyn who is (a) pregnant and (b) really into racing and (c) not a fan of baby-pink. I found the applique at Jo-Ann’s or somesuch and just sewed it on with itsy-bity stiches.






MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis one hasn’t got itself a baby yet.

My boss, David, has gotten this one for his wee granddaughter.

** Turns out I’m not very good at following patterns. I start out well (usually) but then I usually get a wee bit off track and end up fudging it. Sigh. Will work on this. (I think it’s a counting issue. I lose track.)

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