funny IM conversation

background The cereal in question is a high-fiber sticks and rocks mix that we concoct)

ginathelintqueen: The big tub of cereal spilled in my car on the way home
jb4422: :(
jb4422: I’m sorry!
ginathelintqueen: s’ok
ginathelintqueen: will make a bunch of birdies happy at any rate
jb4422: birdies!
jb4422: you threw it out?
ginathelintqueen: the stuff that spilled into my car floor?
ginathelintqueen: yes
jb4422: was all of tub? just some
ginathelintqueen: some
jb4422: birdies will be regular!
jb4422: :)
ginathelintqueen: OMG that’s funny

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