Momentary turmoil

Ok, what do you do if there’s just *one part* of you that you don’t like? I am pretty happy with my shape and size overall these days… since starting yoga I’ve gotten stronger and even more flexible (BendyGirl) and the curves are something I’ve learned to respect (if not adore) for the most part.

But. I hate my tummy. Hate it. Bulgy-out-and-makes-my-pants-not-fit-right. Situps (/other ab maipulations) don’t help. I am completely off “dieting” (for good, I hope), though I try to watch what I eat, etc. etc. Sure I could exercise more (who couldn’t really…well except for maybe thebroomecloset or ovrclokd..) but I really don’t want to … my priorities are elsewhere (like making jewelry and knitting)

It’s just this one damn bulge. Sorta like a mole you don’t like. I *know* how to get rid of it for good… I just don’t know quite how I feel about that. I dye my hair, trim my fingernails and exfoliate… those are all body modifications (not to mention the ear piece and laser eye surgery). Yes, this is different. But how much different? Is this “cheating” (Is cheating bad? I certainly cheated on the vision thing…)

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