Scary commercial/*bad* TIVO!

Bad TIVO first: It turns out TIVO sometimes eats *long* commericals for you, whether you want them or not! YUCK! Can you imagine the hoo-ha if the Time Warner PVR ate commericals and used up hard drive space for things you really really don’t want? I understand why they do it (need the $$), but it’s still ookey.

Scary commercial was eaten by the TIVO last night. If was for a Nissan Sentra (I think) and was 2 or 3 miutes long and was about driving through the streets of Portugal (I think) at one hundred and twenty MPH! There was veering and swerving and narrowly-missing-of-buses and screeching and careening and …aye yi yi! I completely and utterly *don’t* want a car with such asshole-ish drivers!!!

Then the kicker: the legal disclaimer. “This driver is a professional stunt man…. [blah blah blah] … The airbags in this vehicle were disabled. Do not disable your airbags.”

WHAT?!?! Crazy f*!#ers!

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