Musings on business

Once upon a time, I used to say that I liked work better than school, because at school there was always something you should be doing (even if you’ve finished your assignments you should be studying), but when you’re done with work for the day you’re done and you can go home and do whatever you like; however, as my job has increased in responsibility, I’ve lost that somehow, and now my work burdens me even on “my time”. I think part of what I need to do is regain the sense that work is work and really doesn’t need to be taken home.

The only thing that helps sometimes is to give myself credit for getting it all done eventually. As much as I worry because I still haven’t done something about my chipped nail polish or haven’t installed the molding in the bathroom or haven’t called my mom or (fill in the blank here), I also have never had trouble walking with (or even had anyone look askance at) my nails, had a house fall down around my shoulders out of lack of maintenance or had my mom disown me or (fill in the blank here). Somehow an “alarm” goes off in my head when it really *is* time to do something (BTW, bathroom molding installed last weekend after *2 years*! of lying in my bedroom) and it will get done.

IOW, I have to try to trust myself that I will get things done when they need to get done. (I sometimes think of the “to everything, turn turn turn” bit to remind me.) Learn to love your inner conscience because it will poke you with a sharp stick when you need it. And when it’s not poking with a sharp stick, try to relax and let things go.

(Blessedly easy to say, but almost impossible to do. The feeling of “overwhelmedness” sometimes creeps through my defenses to the point where I’m in tears over the tiniest thing…)

You have thoughts too?

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