Weekend update

I had a very productive/fun weekend! On the productive end: installed new molding (to match the cabinets [wood] instead of the walls [white] in the master bath [bought a cheap miter box in order to make angle cuts] — actually Jeff pretty much did this, but I did clean up ;-) ; repaired the bathroom ceiling (at one point I was up to my elbows in ceiling texture spray — that stuff is *messy*!); knit another baby hat.

On the fun side: Friday night Jeff and I went to see the Animation Show at the Carolina Theatre in Durham — nice mix of animations, though some were *really* weird. Then dinner at Verde, which was quite good. Their concept is “simple food” (actually their window sign says “Naked Food”… I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that everyone was fully dressed), so Jeff had roasted chicken and potatoes and I had a ceasar salad. We ordered two different cheeses to start (and they’ve got great bread!) — I need to remember to buy the Celebrity Dairy goat cheese more often — mmmmmm! We went over to Allan & Inez’s house on Saturday for cocktails and scary movies (REALLY scary — “The Ring” — eep!). Sunday afternoon we saw Under the Tuscan Sun (and snuck Wendy’s into the theater… we’re baaaaad!) and enjoyed it (major chick flick though… the IMDB reviewed nailed it on that one). I’ve never thought of myself as someone who’d fall in love with Italy (my people are of the fair-skinned, northern type, and it’s always been the emerald green places (like Ireland) that have “called” to me), but this movie made me want to see Italy. Jeff flew out to Chicago last night & will be there until Friday evening (ick).

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