Alton Brown!



Jeff and I went to a cooking show in raleigh on Saturday and got to meet Alton Brown! For anyone who doesn’t know, Alton Brown hosts a show called “Good Eats” on the Food Network that’s sort of a frenetic combination of Mr. Wizard meets Julia Child with a large dash of Monty Python and other pop culture bits thrown in for good measure. He dissects recipes and foods so that you can really understand why things interact the way they do, rather than merely measuring 1/4 cup of this and 1/8 cup of that. I *heart* Alton.

In person he was quite a bit more sarcastic than he is on TV, which sort of surprised me. He’s truly funny though (and obviously is a fabulous cook). He did a batch of shrimp cooked in rock salt (food grade) that he’d preheated in the oven, finishing them off by dunking them in white wine to stop the cooking (and rinse off the salt). They looked nummy (unfortunately we didn’t get to taste!).

I had him sign my salt cellar (he’s really big into salt cellars) and all three of his books. Oh, and one of the measuring cups in the Alton Brown set that Jeff gave me for my birthday.

3 thoughts on “Alton Brown!

    • Alton
      Yeah, I was really psyched to see he was coming around… I think I’ve DVR’d every single Alton episode that the Food Network has shown (and watched some of them several times) — he’s just so entertaining!
      (So you see celebs all the time?)


      • Re: Alton
        The loft building I live in is used alot for films and commercials so there are celebrities here all the time. It gets really annoying cause they are rude, block traffic for shoots, sometimes you can’t get in to the building, etc. But if ALTON BROWN wanted to film Good Eats here. That would be alright with me!
        Also thank you for your well wishes on my journal! I am feeling a bit better today…strangely enough, the skies are clear and blue.


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