Storm Paranoia

So, having lost power for non-trivial amounts of time[1] three times[2] in the past several years, and now being faced with another natural disaster on its way, I got into a wee bit of a panic yesterday. Jeff and I had been thinking about a generator since the last big storm (Ice Storm 2002), but hadn’t done anything about it yet. Yesterday some calling around revealed that there were no generators in a 75-mile radius around the Triangle, which, of course, caused a panic-reinforcing effect. Further investigation revealed a generator in High Point, and damned if we didn’t haul patooties there last night to get it.

The bonus was that my hairdresser[3] was able to squeeze us in thereby saving us a trip[4]. Wheee!

[1] anything long enough that you’re worried about the food in the fridge spoiling
[2] Fran, Floyd and Ice Storm 2000
[3] who is in Greensboro
[4] we were due to go next Monday anyway

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