Jeff swam yesterday! This may not seem like any huge thing, but *he doesn’t swim* (or at least didn’t!). Now, I’m probably half dolphin, or maybe puffin, or some other water-loving creature, as I love swimming ok, not so much swimming (in the back-and-forth-across-the-pool sense) as gamboling about, turning flips and gliding underwater. And he couldn’t swim at all!

Given how much I love all water-related things, I wanted to show Jeff the beauty of floatiness. So I bought goggles, a noseclip, a raft and a kickboard (and a pool bag to carry them in) and yesterday we went to the pool. It’s been so long since I learned how to swim (I was probably 3 or 4 when I leaned) that I wasn’t sure exactly what the process should be. But we worked using the kickboard, and practiced holding breath under water and worked on arm strokes and – low-and-behold! – Jeff was swimming. Still need to work on the breath timing thing, but it was a really impressive start. (And ignoring completely my love of water, it’s still a good thing to know from a safety POV…)


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