Very minor site re-vamp & news from last night

During dinner last night with thebroomeclosetMike I really came to grips with how ill it makes me that I have web bits scattered from here to beyond and back. So, this morning, before work, I took matters into my own hand at at least updated Realm of the Lint Queen to show where all those bits are!


Still need a major redesign of the site, but, golly, I’m not looking forward to that.

In other news, dinner with Mike was swell (as you can see if you click on the My Friends link, we’re now part of a mutual admiration society ;-) Seriously though, dinner made me realize how wonderful it is to have friends who’ve known you so long and so well… Mike & I’ve known each other since 1988 — which, now that I look at it, is a really long time — and have been friends for most of that (except for a regrettable eight-month period after he broke up with me where I couldn’t stand to be in his presence :P

There’s a perpective that old, dear friends bring that is irreplaceable… they know your foibles (and probably have forgiven you for them long ago), and can appreciate where you’ve grown and matured. And they get your jokes (which is a big fuzzy deal for me).

Note to self: Must make more time for old friends.

2 thoughts on “Very minor site re-vamp & news from last night

  1. I’m such an old, dear friend that I won’t even admit to you ever having had foibles! No sir. No pressure. No bribes. Well, if Val Kilmer needed to know. . .
    I, too, have pencilled you in for lunch on Fri8Aug. When I start work Mon4Aug at Ravenscoft (site of our first grade class together!), I’ll have an Outlook Account and set up an official calendar appointment with you. So, there. You’re making good on your promise to do more things with dear, old chums!


    • Val Kilmer
      If he asks you better tell him that I’m just about as close to perfect as one person gets! ;-)
      Can’t wait to see you on the 8th. Have a strange desire to go see Ms. Mallard. Might be way too freaky!
      Much love to you, C’line!


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