Audiotron & software stuff

So I upgraded the firmware on the Audiotron today (ok, really, Jeff did it). I also installed a new piece of software (Xtron) that is supposed to be a better manager for the player. Right now I’m getting an annoying error (Error 61: Invalid Row) whenever it hits anything to do with cover art, so I’m stumped.

2 thoughts on “Audiotron & software stuff

    • Re: XTron
      *Thank you* for the tip … I will, as I have been still having problems. The issue seems to be that some of the songs I downloaded as indiviudal songs don’t have the right album code in the ID3 tag… I’ve started to debug it, which means _finding_ the album art for each song, making a folder for the song, and adding the album art to it, but WOWSERS that was going to take a long time.
      Do you know if the new version will just display the album covers I *do* have, while saying something like “no cover available” for the ones I don’t? That would be ideal, as I do want to fix the problem, but it’s going to take a while.
      Thanks again,


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