Radio Paradise

So I listen to it all the time… I suppose I should say something about it, eh? Radio Paradise is a listener-supported online radio station that, IMHO, rocks most mightily. Their music selection is amazingly diverse: I’ve heard Louis Armstrong to Pink Floyd to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Patty Griffin to They Might Be Giants to Blue Man Group to Elvis Costello to Johnny Cash. (To get a sense of what I mean check out their playlist.

Furthermore, they accept user uploads for review, have a nice comments board and pay attention to segues, which are terribly important to me for some reason.

RP has completely changed my musicsphere. There are two of my buddies, Meghan & David, who I can always count on for new music infusions; however, last I checked, they both had lives of their own and, sadly, could not devote their entire existence to the pursuit of my musical diversity. In comes Radio Paradise and within the next month I buy six new CDs (Porcupine Tree, Patty Griffin, Neil Finn, Jefferson Airplane, Alone in IZ World, The Jayhawks) — wowsers!

The best thing for me is that at home I have a Audiotron … a clever little gadget that knows how to talk to a stereo system and how to read music files from a computer. (I know, that’s the *really technical* version :-) It is exceptionally clever, IMHO. It connects via my little wireless network to my main computer (though it could talk to multiple computers with music on them — even a RAS) and then happily plays things through my stereo. It has a remote control and a front panel interface and everything!

Cleverer still is the fact that even when my computer isn’t on, I can connect to internet radio stations (like, you guessed it, Radio Paradise).

I *heart* technology.

You have thoughts too?

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