Not the flu

Not the flu, case in point: as of April 20, there were 213 deaths related to COVID-19 in NC vs. 203 flu-related deaths in entire 2018 flu season (9/30/2018-5/11/2019).

(Looking on the bright side, this year’s flu numbers look to be down: currently we’re at 167 flu-related deaths, while last year at the same time we were at 197. Social distancing FTW!).

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4/22 ETA (again) to add: my point was not that 213 is statistically significant compared to 203 (though that number today, April 22, is 242, which may be statistically significant…?), it’s that those 203 deaths took place over the entire flu season (7.5 months), with no social distancing in place (IOW, in the “perfect” conditions), while the COVID-19 deaths have happened in *less than one month*, *with* social distancing measures in place (statewide, as of March 27), and (at this time) show no signs of decreasing (IOW, we have not hit the inflection point). By contrast, death curve inflection point for the flu was ~Feb 23 and had hit zero by May 11.

Also adding that I’m not an epidemiologist, statistician, or data analysis genius, so consult your doctor or physician before beginning Xepluumana. Do not take Xepluumana if Xepluumana has killed you in the past. Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate. Contents measured by weight and may have shifted during flight.