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Fresh Start

It was about time I switched from the advertising-laden Livejournal over to something more flexible and less annoying.  I’m hoping to import some of the content from LJ, but that’ll have to wait until I have at least the basics set up here.  Thankfully, I’ve at least spec’d the configuration of) WordPress sites before (and set up a really basic one), so this is more of a “let’s see what I can do with it” thing.

(Does everyone post an equally boring first entry just to ensure that everything is set up correctly?)

Quick web check help needed please (please)

If you don’t mind, can you take a quick look at and just let me know whether everything is readable? And if it’s not, if there are any particular bits that are hard to read and why?

(Yes, it’s Flash. It’s a film site and we were working with an agency. I could say lots more, but really… I just need feedback on the basics.)

This entry is very protected, for obvious reasons — MANY many thanks for your help!!!!

License plates and paradigm shifts

While driving to work this morning I saw a license plate that said "GOBRAVEZ", which in my head read "GOB RAVEZ" (which didn’t make any sense at all).  I pondered about that for a few minutes (I wasn’t very good at Bumper Stumpers) until I finally realized that it was probably "GO BRAVEZ" with the "Z" being a substitute "S" and the BRAVEZ/S being the (going out on a limb here and *not* looking it up) Atlanta Braves.*

So I started wishing there a was an iPhone ap that let me enter a license plate tag and look up what a user *had* meant to say (or even what other users had *thought* the tag meant).  Ooooh, and wouldn’t it be cool if it used the "presence/location" feature and it could tell you what vanity plates were near you (that had iPhones in the cars that had them, obv.), etc. etc.

And I don’t have an iPhone.

And yet an iPhone ap was the first way I thought to solve my license plate dilemma.


*  I realize my initial instinct could have been correct and, in fact, this individual was saying that he/she liked having long-lasting candy at misspelled all-night dance parties, but my point about paradigm shifts still holds, I think.


OLPCI keep forgetting to post about my little XO laptop 1 — so far he’s really fun to use, and now that

has reconfigured my wireless (to use some other security protocol, I think (?)) I can always connect from my living room. This means that (if nothing else), I now have a handy, small web browser in the living room, which is convenient. 2

I honestly haven’t done much of what the XO is supposed to be best at (the mesh network stuff), just because there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity. I did go to a XO session at FUDcon, but spent most of the time trying to get an update of the software load, so I didn’t get to play much.

has one, but, quite frankly, he’s usually sitting beside me on the couch when we’re using the XOs. so it hasn’t made much sense to focus on “connecting remotely.”

When I was in Vegas for the Nortel Sales Conference, I used the XO as a word processor to type my entries for the blog that I was co-authoring (had to transfer with SD card, as there was no open intranet connection, but it still worked fine). It was sorta nifty to carry Awlp around at the conference, since the Nortel sales people often recognized the XO (we’re a corporate sponsor of the project). Of course, before leaving for the sales conference, I had to make a fuzzy bag for Awlp, which I posted about over at the XO Forums (so far not a lot of response. Feh.) 2

1 I’ve named my XO “Awlp” 4 because I bought him in the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program, and OLPC is pronounced “Awlp” in my head.
2 The BIG TV is connected to the media server, which is connected to the home network, so technically, I’ve always been able to have the interwebs in the living room, but, honestly, it was sort of a pain in the rear to switch the source on the TV and find the wireless keyboard and remote, etc. etc.
3 Yes, the bag matches my outfit. Your point? ;-)
4 I named him, so I had to give him eyes! (Or maybe I had to give him eyes, so then he needed a name?)

I am so very pleased with myself

I have conquered the technology in my house.  Bearing in mind that I no longer have in-house tech support (and, in fact, that the same tech support designed the system and that I didn’t really know what was involved), this is a Big Deal.

Email from said ex-tech support were involved in order to explain the system, but still I had to reset the puppycam, the wireless bridges, the main router, and the Audiotron.  Then I reconfigured the Audiotron to use a local source for its internet radio stations (nice tool provided online here to create the necessary file — many thanks to Jon00 in the UK), ran all the scripts to change permissions, copied over all the files and restarted everything.  Thanks to thebroomecloset for helping me test.

It all works!  Everything works!  And I took a fresh backup in case everything ceases working again!  Yah me!